COVID-19 Measures

At samurai dairy, we are committed to ensure your health.

Delivering you the safest and healthiest milk is our responsibility and therefore, we are following all the safety measures prescribed by WHO while taking extra precautionary care at the time of deliveries!

Wear masks & gloves!

our employees constantly wear gloves and masks to ensure that their hands and mouths are covered. No one is allowed to enter the plant without a mask.

WHO Guidelines

We emphasize on religiously following the WHO guidelines to ensure the pristine quality of our milk. At Samurai, we never compromise on quality and Safety.

Uses human sanitizers!

Using a human sanitizer, we are able to sustain a completely sanitized environment at our plant. No one can enter the plant without Sanitization.

COVID-19 training workshops!

We ensure that all our employees are educated about the COVID situation and are taking all the preventive measures even at their homes. Our deliveries are safe!

Sanitized the vans!

When it comes to your safety, we don’t leave any stone unturned. Our vans are sanitized before they enter the plant. The plant is routinely sanitized too. Your health is our priority.

Our deliveries are safe!

Our delivery boys bring to you the safest bottles of milk by taking great care of all the precautions. We don’t let the pandemic affect the safety of our milk.

Our COVID Warriors