Our Management

Hironosuke Ogura (Director)

Mr. Hironosuke Ogura is the co-founder and Managing Director of Samurai Dairy Products Private Limited (SDP) since 10th May, 2018. He has rich and exhaustive experience in the milk industry and has held senior management and top leadership roles in its subsidiary Indian companies as well as in parent companies, Japan. He is currently heading the parent company of SDP, “Ikaruga Milk Products, Japan” and its ultimate parent Company “Showa Kako Corporation, Japan”. He can spearhead the major structural and strategic changes in Sales and Customer Management and set up a height reaching dairy business. He started SDP with the ideology matching with the Japan that India should also become more and more healthier and less confined to health problems. He also wanted Indians and its end users to have the best milk produced from their holy animal “Cow” from our farm, building a relationship and love from Japan.

“India is one of the biggest producer and consumer of milk and its related products in the world. Yet its durability and reliability is not world standard. We would like to continuously and constantly produce healthier and high quality products that will lead Indian people healthier and less occasions to visit hospitals. We have over 100 years of experience as our backbone, samurai with collaboration of Ikaruga milk products of japan to ensure you that you can always have healthy and high quality products for your daily life. We must make benefits for all three sides: our supplier, our customers and our society.”

Chirag Sachdeva (President)

Mr. Chirag Sachdeva is the President of Samurai Dairy Products Private Limited and Showa Kako India Private Limited in India. He has almost 8 years of rich experience in the field of chemicals and dairy business. He has been associated with the Japanese company for almost a decade. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. His dedication towards his employees and dairy farm can be seen in his working culture. He works with an ideology that without any challenges one cannot achieve heights, which for him becomes his motivation to reach the goal.

“We at samurai dairy ensure the end consumers to provide pristine quality milk with 4 levels of testing during milking, before homogenization and pasteurization, after homogenization and pasteurization and before dispatch. We have international technology for milking the cow which allow us to milking the cow without human interaction from milking till packaging stage we make sure that milk does not come into the contact with the outside bacteria and is free from any sort of contamination. Samurai is the model plant with the state of the art facility in which we will be providing milk and dairy products which are free from hormones, antibiotics and any sort of adulteration. We at Samurai don’t leave any stone unturned in giving the pristine quality product to our end user

Vision, Mission and Core Principles

A name that embodies discipline and focus at producing most healthy, uncontaminated and pristine quality milk. The idea behind Samurai dairy has been to have the healthiest and happiest cows, in parallel with the most efficient infrastructure, in order to procure the healthiest and wholesome milk.

The milk that we drink is usually sourced from farmers, who milk the cows by hand and store it at room temperature. It is the most suitable temperature for bacteria to breed. It is further transported to the milk factories through canes, which deteriorates the quality of the milk even more.

We wanted to break this chain. We wanted to procure milk in house through most efficient process. So people can enjoy the most nutritious milk they ever had. One of our goal in future is to teach local cattle farmers, the methodologies to procure the best quality milk and help them sell it in the market.

To get this vision on ground, we enquired the land in Palwal which is in Haryana state and located on the Delhi - Agra national highway, (NH-2). With just 60 km from Delhi and being on a national highway, it is well connected to multiple big cities of various states. It was a big task at hand, to convert this land into a high tech dairy farm. But the passion and vision drove the way.

The infrastructure was built on a goal to create a home for cattle, where they can rest and stay healthy. Also to keep everything automated, from milking cows to packing. It took 4 years of intensive research to get to this point and 4 month to build it on ground.

At Samurai, We have our own farms where we harvest feed for cows. This ensures that the cows get the uncontaminated, best quality home-made food. Several minerals are added to the feed to provide them with a balanced diet.

For the comfort and hygiene of cows, there are brushes, which are automatic. They starts as soon as cows approach them. There are fans to keep cows cool in hot temperature. We have an in-house team of qualified and experienced vets. they ensure that the cows are healthy and happy. We have taken extra special measures to keep the cow healthy. There are tags with each cow that records their health, age and milk yield. It records their movements and gentle behaviour thus facilitating us to observe and take immediate action on slightest of poor health indications or concerns. We isolate the animal till it is of full health. We ensure that the milk we procure is from the most healthy cow. On a standard farm, cows are milked by hand, but here we milk them with machines. The milk is transferred through pipes and stored in a container where it is kept at 4 degree Celsius.

Later this milk is pasteurised, where in we heat the milk to make it safe for consumption and increase its shelf life. After pasteurisation, the milk is sent to another container, where it is homogenised. In this process the fat molecules are broken down, so they stay integrated and not separate as cream.

We guarantee that our milk is 100% natural. Nothing is added, nothing is extracted. After processing of milk, sample is given to quality control department. After stringent quality check, the milk is packed in our temper proof bottles. All through milking and packing, the milk is never touched by hand. The milk at every stage is filled with goodness and quality. At samurai we assure milk is 100% pure, No Hormone, No Antibiotics Untouched by hands. The milk will be transported to your door step every morning, through vans which have inbuilt freezer so that the milk your family gets to drink, is healthy, uncontaminated, fresh and pure.